Hotfix transfer application guide

Please handle your transfer carefully.  It is extremely delicate.  Since this is a customised / personalised and made to order item, it is non-returnable/ non-refundable.  Kindly note that you will be responsible for your clothing in case of mishandling. 


The clear plastic film hold the diamantes in position.  The glue on each stone is activated by heat from your household iron.  The white backing film serves as a protection to prevent movement of the diamantes in transit. 

Step 1:     

Turn on your iron to the highest heat setting with no steam.  If applying the transfer to thin fabric, it is advisable to place a piece of greaseproof / brown paper inside the garment to protect the back (available in most supermarkets’ home baking section).  The glue is very strong and can affect the other layer too.

Step 2:     

Peel off the protective white backing and place the transfer in the required position (sticky side down) on to your garment. In case if any stones are moved (it can happen during the rough mail sorting stages), place it in properly using a tweezer before applying the heat.

Step 3:     

Place a smooth piece of material over the top of the transfer (old T shirt material is ideal and using a downward pressure hold the iron on the transfer for approximately 30-50 seconds (Adjust the time according to the stone size).  For large transfers, move from area to area repeating the process.   DO NOT move your iron around in a circular motion.  Just press downwards with extra pressure continuously.

Step 4:     

Remove the top piece of material and leave to cool for a few moments.  Then taking a corner of the clear transfer paper begin to slowly peel back.  If any of the stones are still attached to the underside of the paper, gently return the transfer paper to the garment and repeat Step 3 (press again).


Success formula: Maximum Heat + Maximum downward pressure without moving for the recommended time 

  1. Pressing longer period than recommended time could result evaporation of the glue and loss of adhesion to garment.
  2. Wash the garment at maximum 30o C inside out for the lasting result.
  3. If you have any doubt in applying or need any help, please contact us by email, phone or message.
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